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Team Pineapple VBC

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Directed by 2008 Gold Medalist Lloy Ball

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Welcome to Team Pineapple VBC 2016/17 season.

My name is Lloy Ball.  I am excited to enter into our 3rd year of club volleyball in NE Indiana.  Last year we expanded to Dekalb County and are looking forward to another great year of programing there as well as for our young student athletes in Steuben County.


* I will be the Director of the club and work at both sites.  All our staff were hand picked by me because of their knowledge of the sport, passion for the sport and dedication to our communities and the children in them.


* Our coaching staff will be found on the portal above.  Just scroll down under Team Pineapple VBC.  They are all local individuals with vast volleyball backgrounds and a REAL passion to help in our community.  Most of whom are personal mentors and friends of mine.


* The reasons I started this club is because I want to start a real "volleyball culture" in our communities. I want to provide a structured, affordable and competitive program from the ground up.  I also want our kids to be able to have programs like this at their disposal without driving an hour away.  Lastly, it is a GREAT partnership opportunity with a real PILLARS in our community, the YMCA and Parkview!!!!


* Personally, it is a way for me to give back to a game that has giving me SO much.  How better to give back then in the community I live.


Our Ideology at Team Pineapple VBC:

Teach and emphasize the basic fundamentals of volleyball. Teach court awareness and stradegy.  Give a positive experience to all club members while pushing them to a higher standard then they push themselves.  All while, they enjoy a great sport that promotes health, teamwork, communication and the competitive spirit.  We at Team Pineapple also try to use the Christian foundation that I was brought up in to instill life lessons into our players that will last them a lifetime.



This years schedule and pricing will be available soon.








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