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Team Pineapple VBC

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Directed by 2008 Gold Medalist Lloy Ball

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Click below to see our AMAZING staff for this year.  

We are blessed to have so many experienced coaches, that have: played, taught and loved the game for years.  Please read about them in the document below.


Club Director: Lloy Ball

Dekalb Site Director: Rachelle Gilbert

Logistics Manager: Krystal Sheets


Angola Teams:

A10-12 C--Emma Bowman and Annie Phillips

A12E --Kelbie Titus and Cassie Dahman

A13E-- Keli Call

A14E--Bobbie Thompson and Janaya Wilder

A15E--Krystal Sheets and Angie Bourne

A16E--Trisha Perschke and Erin Geyer




Dekalb Teams:

D10E--Lisa Harris

D11E--Lloy Ball and Sarah Ball

D12E--Chris Gisslen

D13E--Brian Harris

D13C--Laura Zimmerman and Andrew Welch

D14E--Rachelle Gilbert and Bailee Smith

D14-2C--Diana Fulton

D14-3C--Logan Penick

D15C--Mary Franke

D15/16--Jordan Staus and Kory Gerig

D16E--Lisa "Cheeks" Hormann

D17/18E--Lydia Gard