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Team Pineapple VBC

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Directed by 2008 Gold Medalist Lloy Ball

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Team Pineapple is building a culture in NE Indiana.  


Mission Statement!!!

Our mission is to bring high level volleyball to the communities we live in.  And help create a volleyball culture that leads our student athletes onto great things, on and off the court.

















Updated 2-23-17


AES link below will have all Scheduleing information for Smack Series!!!  Just search Smack Series, your division and then your team name. Download the AES xPress APP!

C. Ball

This portal is active to those that wish to make club payments.


Thanks, C. Ball

2017 EZ Facility Payment Portal

AAU registration code for TeamPineapple is:


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Start times for Feb. 25th "Smack Series" Event

@ Hobart, IN


D14-2C - 3PM

D14-3C - 10AM

D15-2C - 10AM

D15/16C - 4PM


**Please remember there is a 1 hr. time differance in Hobart, IN.**


@ Monroe, MI


A10-12C - 10AM

D13C - 2PM